Welcome to Sebastopol CERT

Sebastopol Community Emergency Response Team

Sebastopol has experienced many natural disasters in the past, including earthquake, fires, floods and severe winter storms. One thing for sure, we can expect nature to strike again. For this reason, residents and businesses should be prepared to handle these emergencies for the first 3-7 days of a disaster. The Sebastopol Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) provides training for individuals and families to be prepared for those first hours and days after a disaster. Information on CERT classes and other ways of becoming more prepared are avalable throughout this site. Please take the time to review the information and consider how you and your family can benefit from advanced planning to respond to emergencies and disasters.

The Sebastopol CERT program provides direct training with FEMA based curriculum and specific documentation to support preparedness training focused on our Sebastopol experience. Please take the time to review the site and consider participating with us to help Sebastopol to be more resilient. The following links are good introductions to many of the elements of disaster preparedness and response that are part of what we all need to be aware of here in west county.  

Downloadable Documents Disaster Preparedness

    Winter Storm
    Damage Assessment Report
    Basic First Aid and Triage
    CERTifying Information Packet
    Victim Treatment Record
    Neighborhood Census Form