Disaster Shelter

Sebastopol CERT is developing a Disaster Shelter program. There may be cases where Sebastopol is cut off from the rest of the county in times of disaster, such as flooding or major earth quake. During these times we need to be able to totally take care of ourselves for a few days until help from outside arrives.

The CERT Advisory Board has chosen to partner with the Red Cross in building and training for this program. Why reinvent the wheel? The Red Cross is the leader in this field.

We have a Shelter Committee that consists of Denise Lebel, Penny Snyder and Zeke Britton(CERT Board member). They have been working for three years to upgrade supplies and training to make this a successful program. Last summer Sebastopol CERT and the local Red Cross co-sponsered a shelter drill held at Analy High School (The first such shelter drill held with a CERT group in Sonoma county). Currently another shelter drill is being planned in Sebastopol for late March. Working with the Red Cross has been very educational, since the instructors they provide have wide experience in being deployed all over the country to open shelters and assist with people displaced by disaster.

If you are interested to know more about the Shelter Program, please contact Zeke Britton at